12 ways to earn from YouTube

More than 2billion people worldwide watch videos on YouTube regularly. 500 hours of the video stream on this platform every minute. YouTube is no longer just a medium of entertainment. That is now known to many. YouTube is one of the sources of income.

From this popular video platform, bloggers earn up to millions of US dollars a month. Many boys and girls have been freed from unemployment. You can also start if you want. You can earn lakhs of rupees a month while sitting at home. So find out some of the best ways to earn from YouTube-

You will face stiff competition to earn from YouTube. First of all, you need to create a permanent audience on your video streaming platform. Only then can you reach the desired goal. First of all, you have to look into some things. Just uploaded the video and earned it. That’s why you have to understand and work on various things. There are a few rules and formalities to be crossed.

Before making a video, decide first which audience you want to take your video to. Then make videos for that audience and connect with the audience. Choose the appropriate topic before making the video. Make videos only on that subject. This will facilitate communication with the audience. Work with different brands on that particular subject.

> a good camera, light, the microphone can give your video a more professional look. Regular video posts have to be posted. Keywords have to be given with each video. Take traffic from your video to social media and your blogging website.

> at least 1,000 clothes should be on the channel to earn from YouTube. You will not get any money per subscriber. But the more subscribers there are, the more likely they are to earn. For example, if you want to work promotionally hand in hand with different brands, you can earn as many subscribers as you have on your channel.

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> will require 4,000 hours of views in the last 12 months to start earning with 1,000 subscribers. The more views you get, the more likely you will earn. But you will earn from YouTube only if someone sees a complete ad by clicking on the link shown on your video.

> but it can be difficult to live life by earning from ads shown only on YouTube. For this reason, it is necessary to keep other work. You can join YouTube Partner Program to show ads on your channel videos. This video streaming platform shares a part of the income from each video with the content creator.

You can select the advertisement on the channel by going to the Monetization section from > YouTube Studio. This is where you can see how much you earn a month on the dashboard.

once you start earning from the platform >, you can sign up for YouTube Premium. In this feature, your subscribers will be able to watch videos of your channel without advertising at an extra cost if they want to. The YouTube Premium will act as the second way to earn from subscribers.

There are other ways to earn money apart from ads. For example, Merchandise. You can earn from YouTube by selling your own Mercedes with T-shirts, coffee mugs, bags. The Merchandise shelf can be placed under each video.

you can fan funding. Once some viewers arrive on your channel, you can earn from viewers from websites like Patreon, Tipee or Buy Me A Coffee.

> your income may increase further through affiliate marketing. But tell me in the video which brand you are tied to.

you can do video licensing. Think that if one of your videos goes viral, different media will pay you extra to stream that video. This is video licensing.

> can do channel membership. Viewers will get additional content if they become members of the channel. This is how your income will increase. YouTube can also earn good income through chat payments. For example, live stream. You can earn from the audience through its super chat.