How to increase internet speed on Android smartphone

How to increase internet speed on Android smartphones? Many people don’t get the desired speed on the internet. WiFi, in particular, is more or less high in internet speed. The router’s location and settings are important for this.

The router only sends signals or signals within a limited distance. Its speed is hampered by many things. Walls or furniture are one of them. Radio waves from other devices like microphones and Bluetooth speakers disturb or disturb signals. So the router should be installed in the middle of the house or where you use the Internet. Some routers have antennas inside their bodies. Antennae are out of some routers though. Which can be adjusted. Set horizontal or horizontally antenna to send WiFi signal slots on multiple floors or floors. This allows the signal to go up and down easily. Turn off devices and restart once problems occur. Turn off the router, modem and turn it back on.

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Every device needs a break. So turn off any device associated with WiFi and turn it on again. Modem distributions internet signals received between your home network and ISP. Set the modem again if the internet is low. WiFi is placed in the middle of the house but sometimes there are network problems.

A mobile device has to be added to it to overcome the problem. Through which you can solve network problems. Place a wi-fi booster between the router and dead zone. Power line extender kits can also be used in this case.