How to succeed on YouTube, some important information for beginners

How to succeed on YouTube, some important information for beginners। Launch YouTube Monetization today or talk about income through YouTube. Let me tell you earlier that this post is based on my own experience and practical ideas.

Rules for opening a YouTube channel

First of all, you should be sure that you will earn from YouTube. Then choose a topic (tech-related, information, news, roasting, etc.) you will have to choose one of these thousands of topics. And if you think you will work with a thousand topics at once, then I guarantee you that you will not have YouTubering by you, leave it. Suppose you are singing something Islamic once again on a channel, it will not be liked by everyone, not everyone’s taste is the same. Someone likes it, someone likes it. Later you will see that you are not getting even a single out. Then choose a name related to the subject. Try to take something different that hasn’t been used before. And yes, that has to be related. Because for example,

if you give the name Islamic music and something else inside, then you think about what will happen. When it is opened, make or create a logo. Of course, your topic should be related. If you don’t copy someone’s logo style again, people may get confused. Although normal, try to differentiate a little. Because people will come to your channel to see your creativity.

And yes, the logo, the name, the cover pick should be of professional quality. Otherwise, you will not find the visitor with the lights. And work in such a way that you can easily attract anyone’s attention. If the channel is not aggressive, you will fail. So try to do the work in a professional way.

Uploading content or videos

Make a video of that topic by choosing your choice. If you are new, then look at the video of a popular channel made about that topic of yours. Follow some of their things. Don’t follow it all over again. Then you don’t have creativity. Making videos that will attract people again. Again, don’t make a kind of content that no one is attracted to. And in the video, the purpose is like a complete title. Again, the title is “Song of Pain” and if I go inside and see “DJ song”, then the visitors will be offended. So that the purpose and title of the video are similar.

শিক্ষার সব খবর সবার আগে জানতে এর ইউটিউব চ্যানেলের সাথেই থাকুন। আমদের ইউটিউব চ্যানেল সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন YouTube Channel

How to edit YouTube videos/thumbnails

How interesting a video is will depend on how well it is edited. Editing is a big factor when it comes to video. That’s why this work is very important. If you want to work professionally, then you can take a course on this subject. From the net, a ringmaster put another two background music of Namal and edited this idea was wrong. Editing is not that easy. And if you can’t do the interactive by editing, then no one will open the video but you will not see it. And then all your water is water. So don’t take this editing so easily. Again, the thumbnail plays a big role in increasing the number of visitors in the video. It’s a lot like the men cab that attracts. So this thumbnail plays a very important role in increasing the view.

Seo videos well

So that if someone searches on Google or searches on YouTube about the topic you have uploaded, it should be on everyone and the view increases, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an important role in this matter. That’s why it’s necessary to do this SEO. You can do SEO through tags or discretions. Remember that without SEO, video, and without brains, people are the same, no matter how beautiful they are, the price is zero. You will find many posts on TrickBD about this SEO and find it hard.

Video or channel promotions

There are many people who think that giving channel links to different places think that giving videos is a way to increase the viewer, it is completely wrong. There are some people who are dirtying the Facebook group/comment, YouTube video comment area by doing this spam. Notice that none of them can be successful. If you keep good quality video, editing, thumbnail right, the viewer of the video will come automatically. If you go to someone and say this again and again, the quality of you and your video will not decrease.