If phone falls in water what to do, what not to do

If phone falls in water what to do, what not to do. While washing your hands and mouth, your mobile may inadvertently fall into bucket water or sometimes in the basin. Again, water may run out of the mobile in the rain or in any other way. Find out what to do and what you don’t do in this case.

What to do-

Turn off the phone even if there is a little water.
Keep the phone battery, SIM card open.

Wipe them with a soft cloth or tissues.

If there is an electronics bulb at home, dry the battery, phone, SIM card in front of it.

The phone speaker is also likely to get water. Put it in front of the bulb and dry it.

Even if the water dries up, turn off the phone overnight.

What not to do-

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Don’t forget to use a hairdryer to dry the phone that falls into the water. This is likely to melt the parts inside the phone in scorching heat.

Never link the wet phone to the charger point on the wall. There is a fear of being electrocuted.

Do not even connect your wet phone to 3.5mm headphones. In this case, too, there is a risk of electrocution.

The wet phone has to be switched off first without using it.

Do not move the phone unnecessarily to sweep the water. There is a risk of water entering the phone.

When the phone is taken to the service center, inform the technician in detail. Tell him how much water can enter your phone, how the phone fell into the water. Otherwise, the technician can cause a lot more damage to the phone due to a lack of accurate information.

Do not scratch the power buttons, volume buttons next to the phone for no reason. This creates a situation where the water goes in.