It’s easier to find an address on Google Maps.

It’s easier to find an address on Google Maps. It is now very easy to find an address no matter where you go to the world. With one click, the distance of your destination, how long it will take to go, how you can go, all the details can be taken. The map of the search engine Google has also gained a lot of popularity in a short time. But this time it will be easier to find the address.

Google Maps is back with a new feature. In this new feature, you can save your home through plus code. In this way, by saving your home address digitally, you can also take various online deliveries very easily or if anyone searches for your home address, now Google will give a more accurate path.

Plus code is a free, open-source digital address. It helps to find the right address. You can generate this plus code through Google Maps. This technology works using latitude and longitude.

According to Google, it will be easier to get social services, any kind of delivery in times of emergency through the plus code.

শিক্ষার সব খবর সবার আগে জানতে এর ইউটিউব চ্যানেলের সাথেই থাকুন। আমদের ইউটিউব চ্যানেল সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন YouTube Channel

To use this feature, Google Maps customers will see the ‘Use Current Location’ option while saving the ‘Home’ location. At this time, your phone’s geo-location needs to generate a plus code. In this way, you can share the location of the house without sharing your name and e-mail.

In the meantime, if the ‘home’ location is saved in your Google Maps, Google Maps will generate plus code based on that information. And if you don’t, check out how to save –

First, open Google Maps on your phone.
> then click on the saved option. You will find this option on the home screen of Google Maps.
If you click there, another page will open. At the top is the ‘Home’ tab.
> click there and set the location of your home.

You can set it via GPS or set it manually on the map.
Save after setting the specified location. You can also share it with anyone if you want.

Google first started using plus code in 2015. This technology was used to easily identify places around the world that are very difficult to find.

In 2020, Google Maps came up with the feature of sharing its location by tapping on the blue dot of the screen. Now for now, the US search giant company has come up with this feature for customers in India. The feature will soon be available to customers in all countries.

Source: The Times of India