What to do when phone hangs Mobile Phone hang solution

What to do when phone hangs Mobile Phone hang solution. Smartphones are now in everyone’s hands due to technology improvement and availability. The whole world can be carried around in your pocket through this device. Most of the day we spend looking at the smartphone screen in need and unnecessarily.

The most difficult thing the user gets at this time is the smartphone being hung. Then it takes a long time to open apps. It becomes difficult to run the Internet. There is a delay in emergency work. Sometimes he gets angry and throws away the phone. This makes you lose your phone.

But keeping an eye on some very simple things will solve this problem. Let’s find out what they are.

> turn off apps in your smartphone’s background.

Smartphones usually hang when are low on the cam memory. So before buying a phone, check if the time is too much.

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> if the mobile is low, it is wise not to download heavy HD videos or games. Turn off background apps at the same time.

Go to the task manager and turn off the current apps. Sometimes it is seen that multiple apps are unknowingly running in the background. So that the chances of getting a mobile hang increase. Go to task manager and turn off current apps.

Turn off  3D wallpaper. 3D wallpapers are quite popular now. The wallpaper comes to life when the light lights on the screen. Just as wallpaper storage also occupies more space, the battery also decreases quickly.

Smartphone hang is only when you overuse phone memory. So use the external storage option. Clear internet memory cache from settings occasionally.

Delete unnecessary data on phone regularly. Maybe you have to download a lot if necessary. At the end of the day, you must delete unnecessary information or data from your phone.

many people use antiviruses separately. It’s not necessary. You can complete this task with the cleaner app on your mobile. That Party These apps sometimes cause mobile hangs

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